Waddle Bobbers (22183)

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Product Description 2017 Parents' Choice Award Winner - Fun Stuff Stack them, float them, send them down the slide! It's a penguin party on the Waddle Bobbers iceberg! These little penguins have weighted bases so you can spin them and make them wobble outside the tub. Take them inside the tub and they float! Both the penguins and the iceberg are sealed, so you never have to worry about water getting inside. Fill up the tub, set the iceberg adrift, and send the penguins racing down the slide! Whoosh! Then practice your stacking and twirling skills with the penguins. Things are heating up at this fun little penguin party! Waddle Bobbers Bath Toy Bath toy with floating ice berg and six floating penguins Encourages bath time exploration, innate understanding of buoyancy, imaginative play Stack, spin, or float those penguins! Iceberg features grippies on bottom for use outside the bath Penguins slide down the iceberg slide or fit in the cup-shaped divots Penguins and iceberg are sealed so no water will ever get inside Includes iceberg and six penguins