Birthday Bins

Birthday Bins

Jenny K is offering a new service!

As a destination for “gifts on the go,” we love helping shoppers find the perfect, age-appropriate present.  So when children need assistance in communicating gift preferences to friends, relatives, and party guests, we now provide Birthday Bins for birthdays and gift-giving occasions.  (We don’t like to think of it as a registry—the “R” word makes us feel, well, a bit hoity-toity and presumptuous.  Our wish-generated Birthday Bins, however,are cool, common sensical, and a win-win for everyone!)


When the big day nears, your little shopper can browse at Jenny K and pick out items they might like to receive as a gift.  As they take their Birthday Bin around the shop, they get the excitement of selecting items from store stock. 

It’s the birthday child’s chance to let you—and their friends and relatives—know which toys they are interested in.  Parents get choice, control, and veto power.  Party guests learn what their friends would like and get the satisfaction of picking out a desired gift.  And out-of-towners (think grandparents) can find out what the kiddos want and place an order from afar—by either going online or telephoning the store.  Busy folks, too, can call in their selection up to one day before. 

Any way it’s ordered, we’ll wrap the gift overnight, so it can be ready for pickup the next day!  We’ll text the party parents when an order is ready.


The child’s bin selections are held in a special location with their name on it.

We make the list available on our website for easy reference.  (Stealth option #1:  We keep the list just in the store.)  Guests and out-of-town family can then call or email us to have a gift wrapped and ready.

Stealth option #2:  If an online list is appealing but the recipient wishes to remain incognito, a “code name” or pseudonym can be used.  When you set up your Bin, we’ll ask you what name you’d like on the site.

No more duplicate gifts!  And, parents of your child’s party guests get to have confidence in knowing the gift they select is something your child is eager to receive AND has been approved by YOU!


So when the big day is coming, stop in a couple of weeks before, and we'll help you and your child put together a Birthday Bin.  It's easy, a ton of fun for the kids, and may save you from an extra store visit for gift returns after the event.  Not that we wouldn't like to see you again!