Unicorn Snuggler

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We love the cuddly toys by Douglas, because they are a toy that is for ages birth and up. They are well-made and beautiful, they have created a hybrid between a stuffy and a small blanket, great for soothing and comforting little ones.

Hold on tight, they sure grow up fast. The sweet Rainbow Unicorn Snuggler will let their imagination soar. This cuddly toy is crafted with ultra soft plush materials and features a satin border speckled with tiny pink stars. For flair and excitement, her hooves and pegasus wings are created in golden shimmer fabric and a beautifully embroidered rainbow appears on her tummy. A little teal unicorn horn can be found gracing her forehead and a fluffy tuft of pink plush fur depicts her mane. Like all of the Cuddle Baby soft toys, our Rainbow Unicorn character collection features additional accessories that can be matched to create a custom set.