Poppy 9" Lid

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The vibrant red poppy lids from Charles Viancin have been a best seller at Jenny K. for years! Easy to store by either hanging on a hook or in the drawer, because they are made from food grade silicone they are also super easy to clean. They are great to use in the microwave as a bowl or plate cover, or on the stovetop with that pot that is missing the lid, or even as a replacement lid if your current lids are too heavy. You can also use them in the oven up to 425 degrees, and of course, they are great for outdoor dining to keep the pests away. You'll be delighted with all the uses for these lids! Check out the other sizes available! We have drink lids, 6", 8", 11" and even an oblong size for your favorite casseroles! Designed in France and made in China.