Nantucket Hydrangeas Pop-Up Card

FreshCut Paper

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Introducing our Hydrangea Bouquet, inspired by the tranquil beauty of Nantucket. Featuring delicate blossoms in shades of cerulean, indigo, and powder blue, it evokes the serene essence of an oceanscape. A timeless favorite symbolizing gratitude, understanding, and harmony, this bouquet is not only visually stunning but also a heartfelt gesture of tranquility and grace.

  • They stay "fresh" as long as you want and are recyclable when you're through enjoying them
  • Includes matching blank note card for your personal message
  • Includes vibrant mailing envelope
  • Only needs 4 forever stamps to send
  • Measures approx 12" high by 9" across
  • 100% recyclable paper
  • FreshCut Plants a tree for each product sold
  • Select complimentary gift wrap and include your message if you would like us to send your card directly to your recipient
  • Made in China

At Jenny K, we proudly showcase FreshCut Paper, a beloved line cherished by recipients worldwide. Founded by esteemed designer Peter Hewitt, known for his work with renowned brands like Disney and MoMA, FreshCut Paper offers an innovative concept in floral artistry. Hewitt's vision during the pandemic birthed these exquisite pop-up paper bouquets, providing everlasting beauty for everyday moments. Comprised of a dedicated team of artists and craftspeople, FreshCut Paper celebrates the art of flowers with intricate, wilt-proof creations. These environmentally conscious bouquets have a minimal carbon footprint and have contributed to planting over 3 million trees. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, FreshCut Paper continues to captivate hearts with its expanding range of products, earning over 20,000 5-star reviews in just 3 years. Join us in spreading love and joy with FreshCut Paper's timeless creations.