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Brighten any journey with rainbows! The size may be petite but the rainbows bring big cheer. Sometimes good things come in small packages.Hang a Scout Curated Wears mini suncatcher in your car, or suction cup one to any window for a little extra sparkle and joy!

Materials: Brass with gold plating, crystal, suction cup with a metal hook, and a chain extension for hanging.
Packaging: Comes packed in a muslin bag inside a box that tells the meaning behind the item.
Versatile: Suction cup with a metal hook included for easy attachment to windows. Chain extension can be used for hanging from a rearview mirror.
Dimensions: 6.75" long x 2.25" wide (although each style varies)
Indoor use only. Always drive safely and comply with local regulations.

We carry a variety of their styles:

  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Rainbow/Joy
  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Sun/Harmony
  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Lotus/Strength
  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Crescent Moon/Balance
  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Peace/Tranquility
  • Scout Mini Suncatcher: Wings/Protection

What We Love: Scout's Mini Suncatchers are not just ornaments; they're bursts of joy that elevate any space. We adore how they infuse a sense of whimsy into everyday journeys, turning mundane moments into delightful adventure.

About Scout Curated Wears: Scout specializes in designing modern, multi-use jewelry with a bohemian flare. Founded in 2015 by Lora, Scout quickly gained popularity for its versatile pieces that effortlessly transition from wrap bracelets to necklaces. What started as a small online venture has now expanded nationwide, all while staying true to its mission of brightening lives with beautifully crafted jewelry.

Made in China. Indoor use only.