Kids Magical Baking by Klutz

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Your kids will love cooking up some fun with this Kids Magical Baking Kit by Klutz. The cookbook contains 25 enchanted recipes, every recipe includes step-by-step photos! You can make cupcakes, cookies, pastries and other healthy snacks! The kit includes a 60-pag book of inspiration and ideas, a colorful measuring spoon set, fun pink and green spatula, 3 pastry bags, 3 piping tips, 4 paper straws, 10 toothpicks, 3 colors of baker's twine (24" each), a sticker sheet and a punch out sheet.

The enclosed booklet teaches kids how to use their tools, including filling a piping bag. Recipes are tasty too! Mermaid Sand Dollar Hand Pies, Crystal Cake Truffles and more. The recipes are in the following categories: cakes, cookies, chocolate, breads, pies & crusts and potions. Lots for great ideas to get kids started in the kitchen!