California Poppy Heart Sticker

Brenna Daugherty Illustration

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Spread love for California with our heart-shaped Golden Poppy Sticker. Vibrant orange poppies against a white backdrop make a simple yet beautiful statement about the Golden State's allure. Perfect for adorning your belongings and showcasing your affection for California.

  • Size: 3 x 2.5 inches
  • Heart-shaped design featuring vibrant orange poppies against a white background, symbolizing love for California.
  • Made with thick, durable vinyl for long-lasting adhesion to any surface.
  • Waterproof construction makes it suitable for water bottles, laptops, car windows, and more.
  • Celebrates the beauty and spirit of California with its iconic state flower, the golden poppy.
  • Adds a pop of color and personality to your belongings, serving as a simple yet meaningful statement of love for the Golden State.
  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials, ensuring both durability and authenticity.

Share your love for California with our California Golden Poppy Heart Sticker. Whether you're a proud resident or a curious traveler, this sticker is a charming way to express your affection for the Golden State. Order now and add a touch of California sunshine to your life!