4 Piece Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt Box

John Kelly Chocolates

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Indulge in our exquisite 4 Piece Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt Box. Crafted with national award-winning dark chocolate and French Grey sea salt, each piece offers an irresistible treat. Experience the unique delight of our truffle fudge—silky chocolate center with a ganache-like consistency, coated in chocolate. John Kelly Chocolates gourmet truffle fudge stands out for its exceptional ingredients, exquisite flavor, and smooth texture.

John Kelly Chocolates, founded by John and Kelly, started from a passion for creativity and quality. What began as a family fudge recipe transformed into a nationally recognized brand with a commitment to excellence. With years of experimentation and dedication, we offer you a truly special chocolate experience.

Enjoy a taste that blends sophistication, creativity, and pleasure. Made in California.