Organic Facial Oil - Grapefruit Basil Essential Oil 0.5oz.

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Are you looking for your skin to appear younger? Firmer? This organic facial oil by Honey Belle will help enhance your skin by evening out and normalizing your skin tone while hydrating every skin type. Created with a base of organic cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, packed with Omega 3s and 6s to help your skin look and feel younger, fresher and more firm. Help Seed Oil has properties that help minimize the look of spider veins, which can develop as the skin deteriorates with age.  Grapefruit Essential Oil which is often used for oily and problem skin can help leave the skill feeling refreshed. Combined with the Basil Essential Oil, this ELIXIR can help bring a bright glow to your skin. Basil is known to improve skin tone, it has qualities to distribute melanin (Skin pigments) to enhance dull-looking skin for a healthy glow and balanced complexion. Overall this facial oil can help provide calmer, healthier skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

Created in small batches in California.

.5 ounces

Directions from the manufacturer: Shake. Apply. Smile! Shake well. Drop a dime to nickel size amount of ELIXIR into the palms of your hands and apply all over your face and neck in an upwards and circular motion. Smile at your glow. Please keep away from direct heat or sunlight. Use after washing and using our FLORA skin toner.

Ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin E

Question often asked: My face is oily, can I still use a facial oil? Facial oil is great for oily skin! Using an organic oil as a moisturizer helps balance oil-secretion and hydration. If you find that your skin feels heavy, apply a lesser amount, or use a soft towel to pat and saturate the excess.