Coconut Rose Detox Face Mask

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We were so excited to discover this DIY Mask by Honey Belle. A great way to easily work to nourish and perfect your complexion. Made with coconut milk, hibiscus leaf, beet root and rose kaolin clay, this mask helps remove toxins and impurities by encouraging collagen and elastin production as well as helping moisturize dehydrated skin. Also known to improve overall complexion by fading hyper-pigmentation and is safe for all skin types!

The organic Coconut Milk is rich in Vitamin C and helps nourish and firm the skin, and helps prevent acne. The Rose Kaolin Clay is a versatile clay that works well for all skin types, including sensitive skin. A soothing ingredient that can help reduce inflammation and irritation. You can use as a spot treatment for scars or oncoming blemishes and blackheads. Leave the mask on overnight for stubborn areas or emergency pimples and other spot treatments.

Get creative and mask the day away! Some ideas for liquid include: water, milk, yogurt, honey, apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, rose water, lavender water, tea tree water etc. 

Rose Kaolin Clay: gently cleanses, purifies, and exfoliates even the most sensitive skin.

Coconut Milk: contains high levels of Vitamin C, boosts skin elasticity, and has anti-aging properties.

Hibiscus Flower: promotes firmer and fresher looking complexion by increasing cell turnover and controlling breakouts.

Beet Root: reduces hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, promotes elasticity.

 *standard size: 2 oz / 60 ml

Directions: Mix 1 tsp of mask powder and 1/2 tsp of liquid, mix until a clay forms. Apply onto skin with clean fingertips after cleansing (and exfoliating!), avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5-20 minutes. Use warm washcloth or rinse with warm water. Detox clay increases bloodflow when detoxifying, redness is normal and will dissipate. Use up to 1-3x weekly or daily for a spot treatment.
Ingredients: Coconut Milk*, Rose Kaolin Clay, Hibiscus Leaf, Beetroot

A few commonly asked questions:

1) Is this mask okay for all skin types?Yes, Rose Kaolin Clay is even gentle enough for sensitive skin. If you have dry skin, you can try using milk, honey, or yogurt for extra nourishment. If you have oilier skin, use lemon juice to brighten or reduce redness for acne, or pouring a little bit of our Facial Tonic for added minimization of  pores. Just using water will already help detox!
2) How many mask uses? Up to 20-30 full masks