Celebrate the natural beauty of the Hawaiian jasmine Pikake flower with Terranova's gorgeous, true to naturePikakeperfume collection. Escape to paradise as you lather on Terranova's Pikake Hydrating Body Wash or gently cleanse with our Pikake Soap Bar made with natural glycerin. Follow up your luxurious bathing experience by massaging our light, silky, non-greasy Pikake Petal Soft Hand and Body Lotion, silky Pikake Bath and Body Oil, or ultra-moisturizing Pikake Shea and Cocoa Body Butter on dry skin for instant softness. Finally, for a long lasting fragrance impression, finish by dabbing our lush Pikake Perfume Essence on pulse points and spraying on a refreshing spritz of Pikake Cologne Mist or our alcohol-free, hydrating Pikake Body Mist infused with restorative tropical botanicals and green tea!

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