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Amethyst Facial Roller

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The time is NOW for you to feel confident in your own skin. This amethyst facial roller can be incorporated into your daily beauty routine to help revitalize and build younger, firmer and stronger skin. Using a facial roller helps exercise facial muscles, detox and tone the skin. Helps improve elasticity of the skin and soothes irritated, sensitive skin. All this helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The simple act of rolling across your forehead, cheeks and other areas can help increase lymphatic drainage, very easy to use.

Directions: After applying ELIXIR Facial Oil, take the face roller and roll from the center of your face up and outwards towards your temples. On the forehead, roll in an upwards motion. Roll from the sides of your nose up and out towards the temples. Repeat underneath the eye, jaw and neck. Do a final sweep starting from your temples,down the sides of your neck to complete the massage. Do each step about 3 times to achieve maximum benefits. Use the larger end on areas like the cheeks, forehead and neck. Use the smaller end on areas like under the eye and for the sides of the nose.